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Reusable Adult&Child neutral electrode

Product Introduction

Reusable Adult&Child neutral electrode with cable optional For adult&child

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Product Details

Reusable Adult & Child neutral electrode  Vertical


Plate electrode, plate, plate, negative plate, apply the muscle


Reusable Neutral electrode is also called the patient plate, plate electrode and negative electrode, apply the muscle plate, scattered return electrode or electrode, etc., consists of electrode plates and neutral electrode cable. 

Neutral electrode using the whole area to reliable joint to patients on the body, and then through the cable connected to the high frequency surgical equipment.

Products with high frequency surgical equipment, formation of conductive loop.

According to the function: divided into one-time and durable

According to the categories: divided into unipolar and bipolar;

According to the shape: divided into vertical and horizontal;

In accordance with the applicable objects: divided into adults and children.

No single neutral electrode using the tag, it is resubale  type neutral electrode, before and after use, apply soap and water or cold water, medical alcohol to wipe the methods on the cleaning, remove blood spots, make sure that will not endanger the patient's health. If necessary, can be used for there is no single tag the neutral electrode of disinfection or sterilization. 

Such as product packaging did not indicate the suitable way of disinfection sterilization, should adopt the method of fumigation disinfection sterilization, detailed in the corresponding fumigation equipment specifications, soaking or high pressure disinfection methods may cause damage to the product.